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Choosing the Perfect Sleep Consultant

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Choosing the perfect baby and child sleep consultant is a super important decision for parents and carers who are seeking help with their child’s sleep.

I have a friend who I shared my parenting journey with and she mentioned that she was going to get sleep help with her little ones sleep. She had to return to work and would be unable to concentrate on the little sleep she was currently getting. I thought she was clutching at straws a little and quite honestly did not think it was the greatest idea but each to their own and she did need help.

Three weeks later and two nights into her sleep plan and her eight month old was sleeping happily through the night and waking for 1 early morning feed! This amazed me but still I was not ready to do that as although I was completely shattered, I was still enjoying feeding through the night and co-sleeping.

Five months later and I was ready. I got all the information from my friend about Little Dreams and did trust them from the offset as my friend had worked with them but I still wanted to do my own research.

Naturally I chose Little Dreams Consulting to teach me and my son and it was life changing and we all got the sleep we needed whilst continuing to breastfeed and be present. I was so amazed in fact that it gave me the passion and drive to want to train and help others and here I am today. Gemma Farrar Baby and Child Sleep Consultant a.k.a sleep goddess, life changer, magical sleep witch, life saver (not my words 🫣 see my testimonials for further clarity).

Here is a check list of things to consider that I found useful when choosing the right consultant for me and my baby:

  1. Qualifications and Training:
    • Look for consultants who have specific training in sleep consulting for infants and children. Certifications from reputable organisations can be a good indicator of their expertise.
  2. Experience:
    • Consider consultants who have experience working with children in various age groups. Experienced consultants may have encountered a wider range of sleep challenges.
  3. Approach and Philosophy:
    • Understand the consultant’s approach to sleep training. Some may use uber gentle habit stacking methods, some may use extinction methods while others may advocate for more sustainable progressive approaches. Choose a consultant whose philosophy aligns with your parenting style, comfort level and who will achieve your sleep gaols in a way that works for you.
  4. References and Reviews:
    • Look on their social media, website or Google Reviews page for online reviews and testimonials. This can provide insights into the consultant’s success rate and how well they work with families.
    • Maybe you have a friend who aligns with your parenting philosophy and that you trust to make a recommendation.
  5. Communication Style:
    • Consider the consultant’s communication style. Effective communication is crucial for success in sleep training. Ensure that you feel comfortable asking questions and discussing concerns with the consultant.
  6. Cost and Services:
    • Understand the consultant’s fees and what services are included. Some consultants offer ongoing support, while others may provide a one-time consultation. Be clear on what is covered in the fee and if there are additional charges for follow-up support.
  7. Availability and Accessibility:
    • Check the consultant’s availability and how accessible they are for follow-up questions or concerns. Ensure that their schedule aligns with your needs and that they offer adequate support during the sleep teaching process.
  8. Bespoke Plans:
    • A good consultant should tailor their advice to your child’s and families specific needs and lifestyle. Avoid one-size-fits-all approaches, as every child is unique as are their sleep needs.
  9. Red Flags:
    • Be cautious of consultants who promise quick fixes or guaranteed results, as sleep training can vary for each child. Also, be wary of consultants who advocate for methods that make you uncomfortable or go against your parenting instincts.
  10. Trust Your Instincts:
    • Ultimately, trust your instincts. Choose a consultant with whom you feel a good connection and who understands and respects your parenting philosophy. There should be an option for you to have a free call with before you choose to work with them.

Little Dreams Bath and Swindon – I use evidence-based approaches to sleep. I allow you to help your child fall asleep whilst meeting all of their emotional and physical needs, no cry-it-out, no leaving them to it but an evidenced based, clear approach, to help you all get a better night’s sleep. I offer 2-3 weeks of quality nurturing support via phone and email.

Before making a decision and if you are unsure consider consulting with a few sleep experts to compare their approaches and find the best fit for your family.

If you decide you would like me to help you on your sleep journey, please get in touch. You can book a free, no obligation call and we can talk about working together to get you a better night’s sleep.

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