What parents say about Little Dreams Consulting

A few of the highlights from newly refreshed parents

We no longer get a sense of dread and panic in the run up to bedtime, in fact bedtime is now a really lovely experience… The family dynamics have improved all around and we have a much happier household as a result.
Parents to 5 month old
Our little 6 month old boy was waking every 1-2 hours overnight and needed to be fed back to sleep. Since working with you for two weeks our son’s sleep has improved dramatically. We even went away and I can honestly say this week would not have been so good if it wasn’t for your help. He is sleeping through the night giving us our evenings so we still get a bit of a holiday! We are so much more conscious of what he needs and when and having his feeding and sleeping routine established has just made things so much easier. Most of all we are enjoying ourselves and not getting stressed out or being overly tired!! Can’t thank you enough! We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for all your help and support.
Parents to 6 month old
Gemma’s personable approach immediately put us at ease and enabled us to understand the possible causes of the challenges we were experiencing. She produced an easy to understand plan and was very supportive throughout. Bed times are much more positive experience from start to finish for the whole family. Gemma was a pleasure to work with and her advice & guidance has really helped us to make bedtime more consistent, well structured, and quicker. Thank you Gemma!
Mummy and Daddy to 1 year old
Working with Gemma has been completely life changing for us as a family. We were guided through small tweaks to our routine with our 10 month old and supported every step of the way. The results have been amazing. Our son is so much happier and is now engaged throughout the day rather than unsettled and emotional. The improvements made with his sleep have had a positive impact on our 3 year old too, whose own sleep was getting disrupted by the constant wake ups by his younger brother. We are so happy we can finally get more rest as a family and enjoy each day with our happy baby! Thank You Gemma!
Lana and Patrick parents to 10 month old
We contacted Gemma on the recommendation of a friend to help us with our 8 month old girl who was waking frequently in the night and would only sleep if she was nursed to her cot. With two older brothers to manage as well we were having a tough time! Gemma put us at ease with a meeting over Zoom and we then received a detailed, personalised sleep plan. Honestly, it was an emotionally tough process but I was amazed how quickly our baby's sleep transformed and we soon got her having two naps a day in her cot for the first time! The daily calls with Gemma were vital to keep up morale and troubleshoot as we went along. She now sleeps happily and it has transformed her. I knew I was feeling rubbish from lack of sleep but hadn't appreciated the impact it was having on her. She is now developing so quickly and a much happier child. It is the best money I have ever spent, I just regret not doing it sooner!
Daddy and Mummy to 8 month old.
Within nights of following the personalised sleep plan, she was sleeping through the night in her cot and had learnt to self settle. When she does now wake, she is able to take herself back to sleep.
Parents to 15 month old
Thank you so much for your help getting us on track with our son and his sleeping – your service really is a life saver – we were sceptical at first as we just couldn’t imagine what we could do that would make a difference and make him sleep! Even at the end of our zoom call I was thinking I just can’t see him sleeping but it was like magic … I can’t actually believe where we are now compared to where we were 2 weeks ago …. I just wish I’d contacted you sooner.
 He is now a fantastic sleeper and one of the nice things from this process, apart from the sleep, is he has started to love spending time in his crib. He is actually most of the time happy to go in the crib now - he actually looks pleased when I put him down and smiles and snuggles into the mattress. Such a massive change from where we started when he screamed soon as he touched the mattress! He’s happier and we are too – we have our life back! To say your service is value for money would be the understatement of the century! What a difference 2 weeks can make with the right help!
Parents to 10 month old
I can’t thank Gemma enough! I thought I had motherhood nailed via every Google search (always at 3am) and following it to a tee. What they didn’t tell me is I needed that support to tell me how to do it and when to do it for my son, whilst feeling like what I was doing was right for us. I tried everything to get my son to sleep for longer periods and give me that all important “nap when baby naps ” and nothing worked. I can’t thank Gemma enough for the guidance, reassurance and much needed advice! We now have a great routine that works for all of us and we are so much happier for it! Thank you so much you sleep champion!!
Emma, Mummy to 5 month old
I am so happy with the outcome. I was so unsure whether or not a sleep plan would work. I thought there was no helping my little girl as she has had disruptive sleep now for 3 years but Gemma was so understanding of mine and my Mum's worries and put us at ease with a sleep plan that worked around our family dynamics. Within a matter of days she was sleeping through the night. Gemma talked me and my Mum through a detailed plan and took into account the fact that my girl would not be spending every night in the same house to sleep but sleeping at hers and her Grandma's house. Me and my mum were both willing to work together and be consistent and was so surprised by the results. Gemma built up a little rapport with my girl and was able to talk to her on her level so that she understood the importance of staying in her own bed and how sleep was important to be able to have more fun in the day. We worked on a sleep and reward sticker chart that my girl loved. It was hard work emotionally at first for me but it paid off so quickly.
Mummy and Grandma to 4 year old.