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What clients say about Little Dreams Bath and Swindon

A few of the highlights from newly refreshed parents

We no longer get a sense of dread and panic in the run up to bedtime, in fact bedtime is now a really lovely experience… The family dynamics have improved all around and we have a much happier household as a result.
Parents to 5 month old.
Our little 6 month old boy was waking every 1-2 hours overnight and needed to be fed back to sleep. Since working with you for two weeks our son’s sleep has improved dramatically. We even went away and I can honestly say this week would not have been so good if it wasn’t for your help. He is sleeping through the night giving us our evenings so we still get a bit of a holiday! We are so much more conscious of what he needs and when and having his feeding and sleeping routine established has just made things so much easier. Most of all we are enjoying ourselves and not getting stressed out or being overly tired!! Can’t thank you enough! We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for all your help and support.
Parents to 6 month old.
Gemma’s personable approach immediately put us at ease and enabled us to understand the possible causes of the challenges we were experiencing. She produced an easy to understand plan and was very supportive throughout. Bed times are much more positive experience from start to finish for the whole family. Gemma was a pleasure to work with and her advice & guidance has really helped us to make bedtime more consistent, well structured, and quicker. Thank you Gemma!
Mummy and Daddy to 1 year old.
Working with Gemma has been completely life changing for us as a family. We were guided through small tweaks to our routine with our 10 month old and supported every step of the way. The results have been amazing. Our son is so much happier and is now engaged throughout the day rather than unsettled and emotional. The improvements made with his sleep have had a positive impact on our 3 year old too, whose own sleep was getting disrupted by the constant wake ups by his younger brother. We are so happy we can finally get more rest as a family and enjoy each day with our happy baby! Thank You Gemma!
Lana and Patrick parents to 10 month old.
We contacted Gemma on the recommendation of a friend to help us with our 8 month old girl who was waking frequently in the night and would only sleep if she was nursed to her cot. With two older brothers to manage as well we were having a tough time! Gemma put us at ease with a meeting over Zoom and we then received a detailed, personalised sleep plan. Honestly, it was an emotionally tough process but I was amazed how quickly our baby's sleep transformed and we soon got her having two naps a day in her cot for the first time! The daily calls with Gemma were vital to keep up morale and troubleshoot as we went along. She now sleeps happily and it has transformed her. I knew I was feeling rubbish from lack of sleep but hadn't appreciated the impact it was having on her. She is now developing so quickly and a much happier child. It is the best money I have ever spent, I just regret not doing it sooner!
Daddy and Mummy to 8 month old.
I can't recommend Gemma enough. She has attended a few of my classes to give out tips and advice to the mums who attend. She has also helped me out when my 8 year old's sleep took a sudden decline. Her calm and gentle approach is very welcoming and the advice she gives out is always sensible and realistic. I have heard very good reports from a few mums who have sort further help with Gemma , especially a little 18 month old who had never been a good sleeper. With a few simple and gentle techniques from Gemma her sleep was transformed within a few days. Both mum and grandma were absolutely delighted. Likewise for my own experience, Gemma provided me with a few simple tips and techniques and my sons sleeping instantly improved again. The changes she suggests are very simple to implement and very gentle with no stress to baby/child or the parents. If you're struggling with bedtime or night time wake ups then don't hesitate and get in touch with Gemma. You won't be dissapointed.
Mummy to 8 year old & Adventure Babies Bath owner.
Gemma is fantastic! This is the second time we have come to her with our baby, the first she helped us at 7 months when our breastfed baby wanted to nurse all night and not nap in the day. Within two weeks she helped us to get our baby settled with two naps every day and an earlier bedtime meaning we could get our evenings back! Recently she has come to our rescue again at 13 months when I (mum) needed to go away for a week and needed to finish up breastfeeding and get baby independently sleeping from me fairly quickly. Gemma came to the rescue and within a few days we had baby settling to bed without me and sleeping through the night without waking any more. Baby now sleeps 12 hours overnight and if she wakes so self settles. Gemma has also helped us transition to one long nap in the middle of the day. I notice such a difference in baby when she sleeps well, she's bright, happy and ready to explore! I was concerned about how baby would cope with sleep teaching but Gemma has made it gentle on both baby and us. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.
Mummy and Daddy to
14 month old.
Gemma is amazing, very knowledgeable with a gentle/realistic but consistent approach. The support offered is brilliant, to keep us on track and offered advice. Our 7 month old was waking every 1-2 hours in the night, was fed back to sleep, had a dummy (causing us to put it back in multiple times) and spent part of the night co-sleeping to try and get more sleep. I just never fully imagined how it could change in such a short amount of time, by the second night there were huge changes with her either sleeping through or one feed and getting rid of the dummy was a great move in our circumstances. Naps have improved greatly with no fuss and long naps in her cot. Can’t thank Gemma enough for helping us and getting the sleep back that we dreamt of!
Mummy and Daddy to
7 month old.
I’m not being dramatic when I say that Gemma has changed my life. My 13 month old son was unable to sleep by himself, wouldn’t nap and was fed to sleep and in our bed every night. With three children under four I was exhausted. Gemma worked with me to create a realistic plan and my son adapted within days. He is now sleeping independently and even points to his cot at bedtime indicating he wants to get in. Gemma is friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her.
Mummy to
13 month old.
Amazing sleep consultant, professional information and support. Highly recommend Gemma, thank you.
Mummy to
3 month old (advise only).
Within nights of following the personalised sleep plan, our little girl was sleeping through the night in her cot and had learnt to self settle. When she does now wake, she is able to take herself back to sleep without needing us to help her each time. We now have a happier little girl who is getting the sleep she needs and has the ability to self settle. We wish we had found Gemma sooner!
Mummy to 7 month old.
Gemma helped us so much with feed to sleep association, our little boy is able to self soothe for naps and also at bedtime. We’ve had a great communication from Gemma throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend her services!
Mummy to 4.5 month old.
We shared your reservations, and we read the reviews with all your cynicism. But, they're accurate. Gemma is brilliant, and this can work! Sleep training (teaching) is not an easy process, and it's hard to hear the crying and be consistent, but Gemma is so good at making the process a clear, supported and doable. Our little boy had slept pretty badly his entire life and, when we sought Gemma's support, he was very nearly two, we hadn't had a full night's sleep since he was born, bed time was taking an hour, he was being cuddled to sleep, having milk in the night to resettle and often co-sleeping. We'd also tried sleep training before - it had not worked - and come away from the experience as 'sleep training cynics'. We aren't experts in babies' sleep, so wouldn't claim to know that this would definitely work for every child, but we can say that Gemma's professionalism, speedy responses, frequent phone calls, and general 'good human-ness' will make this work for you, as parents. We really needed support and to feel confident to ask questions, however stupid they seemed at the time. Gemma created this working relationship straight away. Honestly, we were exactly the parents who thought that sleep training would not work for their child and were really reticent. After a full week of sleeping through the night and bed time taking 10 mins, we are happy to be served up a big helping of 'our own words' to eat with a side of humble pie! Thank you, Gemma.
Mummy and Daddy to 22 month old.
Gemma was the answer to our prayers! Our baby slept throughout the night since night 1 of the sleep teaching. She is very professional and she really cares. Because of her we can finally sleep at night! She is a goddess! Thank you Gemma
Marianna & George mum and dad to 13 month old
Where do I even begin? Gemma was absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend her enough. I was a bit nervous to start our sleep journey but Gemma put me at ease instantly and had a constant line of communication open with myself and my husband throughout the 2 weeks. By the end of the 2 weeks we had gone from hourly waking's throughout the night and constant battles to get our daughter to fall asleep, to calmly falling asleep within 10 mins and now sleeps through the night! My husband and I were even able to go out for an evening for the first time in months recently! Gemma is super friendly, knowledgeable and truly understands how you are feeling as a parent as you go through this process. 10/10 would recommend!
Mummy to 8 month old
Gemma is a life saver! Our daughter had suddenly decided to stop sleeping at around 8 months old. After trying what felt like everything we could find on the internet and advice from others for 3 months we decided to contact Gemma and get some proper help. A call was quickly arranged where we went through our daughters routine, food, sleep and more in detail and within a day Gemma was able to put together a schedule to suit her needs. We started the sleep training the same day and we instantly went from 6-10 wake ups a night to 1 or 2, after a week our daughter was able to sleep through the night and after 3 weeks that is still continuing despite taking her away on holiday for a few days. We are also now able to get our daughter to sleep within 10 minutes whereas before it would take up to 3 hours. Gemma was always on hand to offer advice and to tweak the schedule on the fly to suit our daughters specific needs, and always available for a call to talk things through. The changes we made were easy to implement but hugely impactful. We are now able to enjoy our evenings and have more structure and consistency and plan our days better knowing our daughter will get a good nights sleep and solid naps. Our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner! I would highly recommend Gemma's services and would encourage other parents not to wait as long as we did.
Daddy to 9 month old
Within nights of following the personalised sleep plan, she was sleeping through the night in her cot and had learnt to self settle. When she does now wake, she is able to take herself back to sleep.
Parents to 15 month old.
Thank you so much for your help getting us on track with our son and his sleeping – your service really is a life saver – we were sceptical at first as we just couldn’t imagine what we could do that would make a difference and make him sleep! Even at the end of our zoom call I was thinking I just can’t see him sleeping but it was like magic … I can’t actually believe where we are now compared to where we were 2 weeks ago …. I just wish I’d contacted you sooner.
 He is now a fantastic sleeper and one of the nice things from this process, apart from the sleep, is he has started to love spending time in his crib. He is actually most of the time happy to go in the crib now - he actually looks pleased when I put him down and smiles and snuggles into the mattress. Such a massive change from where we started when he screamed soon as he touched the mattress! He’s happier and we are too – we have our life back! To say your service is value for money would be the understatement of the century! What a difference 2 weeks can make with the right help!
Parents to 10 month old.
I can’t thank Gemma enough! I thought I had motherhood nailed via every Google search (always at 3am) and following it to a tee. What they didn’t tell me is I needed that support to tell me how to do it and when to do it for my son, whilst feeling like what I was doing was right for us. I tried everything to get my son to sleep for longer periods and give me that all important “nap when baby naps ” and nothing worked. I can’t thank Gemma enough for the guidance, reassurance and much needed advice! We now have a great routine that works for all of us and we are so much happier for it! Thank you so much you sleep champion!!
Emma, Mummy to 5 month old.
I am so happy with the outcome. I was so unsure whether or not a sleep plan would work. I thought there was no helping my little girl as she has had disruptive sleep now for 3 years but Gemma was so understanding of mine and my Mum's worries and put us at ease with a sleep plan that worked around our family dynamics. Within a matter of days she was sleeping through the night. Gemma talked me and my Mum through a detailed plan and took into account the fact that my girl would not be spending every night in the same house to sleep but sleeping at hers and her Grandma's house. Me and my mum were both willing to work together and be consistent and was so surprised by the results. Gemma built up a little rapport with my girl and was able to talk to her on her level so that she understood the importance of staying in her own bed and how sleep was important to be able to have more fun in the day. We worked on a sleep and reward sticker chart that my girl loved. It was hard work emotionally at first for me but it paid off so quickly.
Mummy and Grandma to 4 year old.
Gemma is friendly, funny and is clearly passionate about sleep!! We needed advice on what to expect with our new baby and the antenatal package has given us some great pointers on safe sleep, feeding, routine and generally what to expect, which we were quite anxious about. Gemma totally put our minds at ease about our new arrival and has given us so much more confidence on what to expect.
Daddy and mummy to impending arrival.
Our little girl was waking up every night and we would sleep on her floor or sit with her until she went to sleep. Gemma was very supportive, and we knew we could always ask her questions or seek clarification. We are all getting more sleep now! Our girl is more confident, settled, and happy. It has also allowed us to have evenings together which is great for our relationship. The service was great and reporting back daily meant that we were able to consistently stick to the plan with confidence.
Mummy and Daddy to 14 month old.
I had call with Gemma when my baby was just over 6 months old. We were looking for help with how we could get him to sleep without breastfeeding or pushing in the pushchair to sleep. Gemma offered some great tips and inspired me to start making some changes. It is early days but we’re already benefiting from the advice and guidance and we can’t thank her enough.
Mummy to 6 month old
After months of trying to find the right sleep advice for us and our situation we reached out for Gemma's help, why did we not do this sooner I do not know. Within 2 weeks our little boy was sleeping the whole night in his bed. There are now no more 5am breakfasts , no more waking our 4 year old meaning we lose every hope of getting back to sleep. It was a straight forward and simple to follow plan that had results from the first night. We all feel healthier, happier and couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much.
Daddy and Mummy to 2.5 year old.
Little Dreams had been recommended to us by a close family member so we had already seen the amazing results the sleep plan could have and then after speaking with Gemma I was instantly reassured. Gemma went above and beyond throughout the whole process and tailored the sleep plan to suit my daughters needs as well as our lifestyle. Gemma was on hand at any time and made me feel 100% reassured that I was doing the right thing and supported me throughout. I could not have done this without her and I recommend Gemma to any parent who is struggling with sleep – I just wish I had done it sooner!
Mummy and Daddy to 15 month old.
Our son's sleep had gone from bad to worse. After just over a year of multiple wakings and feedings, over Christmas not only did the multiple wakings continue but they were accompanied by a fully awake period bet ween 1am - 4am. My husband and I run our own business and although we had managed so far, this was becoming impossible. We were recommended to Gemma who assured us she would be able to help and that we would see change with a few nights. I couldn't believe it but we were so desperate by this stage, we were ready to try anything! Gemma spent lots of time consulting us on how it would work and was very supportive. We stuck to the plan and within 4 nights, our son was not only sleeping for 12 hours straight, he had also stopped feeding through the night (he was feeding up to 8 times a night beforehand) and had given up his dummy. We were amazed. We now sleep like normal people and our son is a great sleeper! I only wish we had done it sooner. I have been recommending Gemma to everyone!
Mummy and Daddy to 14 month old.
Gemma is fantastic. She was recommended to us by a colleague who had great results. Gemma has taught us so much and helped us to transistion our daughter into her own room and cot without a dummy. She has also enabled her to have lovely naps. Gemma has gone above and beyond to help us and we are truly grateful.
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old.
Gemma was fantastic in helping us get our 9 month old into his cot who has co slept his entire life. She gave us the tools to succeed
Daddy and Mummy to 9 month old.
Gemma was incredible. I would recommend her to anyone. We couldn't believe our one and half year old was sleeping through the night in just a few days and has continued to do so since. We are thrilled with the results. Gemma was so generous with her time and patient with all our questions and concerns. Taking Gemma on as your support for helping with your child sleep through the night really is a no brainer. Thank you Gemma!
Mummy and Daddy to 18 month old.
We've worked with several sleep clinics in the past and have had some success but only in the short term. Working with Gemma was unlike anything we've experienced though. She took the time to properly understand all the issues from our perspective and our daughters too. Whereas other companies would have 1 call with us and maybe an email or two afterwards, Gemma provided us with constant support throughout the entire process. I can't express enough how much of a difference this made and now we feel empowered and that we're on the right path to better sleep for all of us. Thank you, Gemma, for everything you've done for our family 🙂
Mum and Dad to 6 year old.
This changed our boy's sleeping pattern for the better. The first 6 months he was in our bed and as he got bigger, it got worse and knew we needed to act fast. The sleep plan was very helpful and within 2 weeks, he was sleeping in his own cot, in his own bedroom and sleeping through the night. It's tough to begin with and requires so perseverance and motivation but it works! He's been sleeping through the night (the odd wake-up due to usual colds coughs and teething issues) and it's made life a lot easier. Good consultancy sessions and help and support when we need it. Would fully recommend!
Daddy and Mummy to 6 month old.
Gemma is absolutely amazing! After having a rough 3 months with sleep we decided to contact Gemma. The best decision ever and we now all sleep! Gemma is friendly, listens and provides continued support. Thank you!
Mummy and Daddy to 11 month old.
We booked Little Dreams Consulting to help us teach our baby to sleep in his own cot. We were breastfeeding to sleep and bed sharing with feeds (for comfort) every 2 hours or so. Baby slept through the night in his own cot since the first night of the sleep teaching and every night after and did not wake for feed. It was hard work but so worth it. We had Gemma and she stayed with us until baby went to sleep. We found the support during bed time at home very useful. I don’t think we could’ve done it on our own.
Mummy and Daddy to 10 month old.
Me and my partner had been struggling with getting our 3 year old twins to sleep sometimes taking 1.5-2 hours from putting them to bed to them falling asleep hence they were not getting enough sleep. We felt we had tried everything. I contacted Gemma and from the first conversation I felt reassured that it was not me doing something wrong and there steps we could take to get the twins to fall asleep quickly, get the sleep they needed and have the evenings back for ourselves. Gemma went through the sleep plan and had a video call with the twins and they really warmed to Gemma. We saw improvements from night 1! Within a couple of weeks the twins took less than 15 minutes to fall asleep and were sleeping for at least 10 hours. Gemma provided support throughout our journey and it has been an amazing outcome for the whole family. I can't thank you enough Gemma - you are a superstar!
Mummy and Daddy to 3 year old Twins.