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Training and associated bodies

I have had comprehensive training from The Sleep Charity (UK) and have had in-depth training with the founders of Little Dreams Consulting Ltd.

I have also received training from the Lullaby Trust in regards to Safer Sleep and have had child protection training.

Gemma Farrar

Having been in the position of having a child that did not sleep soundly I appreciate the impact poor sleep can have on the whole family. I waited too long before seeking out help and guidance from Little Dreams Consulting but when I did it was life changing and it was not long before my child and I were getting the sleep we needed.

Since working with Little Dreams Consulting, I have come to realise just how many families suffer from a lack of good quality, regular, sleep. Sleep is vital in enabling us to live our lives to the full in optimal health. Now I want to help others who are struggling, as I once did.

When the opportunity to own a Little Dreams Franchise came about, I jumped at the chance to become part of the team and help more people get a better night’s sleep.

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