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Guest Blog – Bundlee. Why Parents Rent Baby Clothes

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The costs of raising a child can be overwhelming. With all the required necessities, things can really add up. One of those added costs includes clothing – which all parents will know how it can be a matter of blinking, and they’ve already outgrown a piece which cost more than you’d like to admit. On top of that, fast-fashion brands might not offer the best quality pieces which are gentle on your little one’s skin or which have much durability, so this alternative doesn’t solve these issues.

That’s why more and more parents are turning to renting baby clothes, rather than buying new pieces each time they’re outgrown. Which as you’ll know – is a lot! The UK’s first baby clothing rental service, Bundlee, has created a way for parents to save more than just money, but also time, space and the planet for parents seeking an alternative to buying their baby’s clothes.

Read on to find out why parents rent baby clothes with Bundlee and the surprising savings they’ve made along the way.

Renting baby clothes is more sustainable

With babies outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, baby clothes really are the ultimate fast fashion. So it’s no secret that baby clothing rental is more sustainable for the planet. But how does Bundlee make your baby clothes rental process as sustainable as possible?

  • Longer clothes lifecycle – On average, Bundlee’s sustainable baby clothing passes through 5 families, and the pieces are recycled or donated to charity once they reach the end of their lifecycle.
  • Bundlee’s brands – Bundlee offers clothing brands for rental which reflect and match their own ethical and sustainable values – and which match parent’s expectations of quality, too!
  • Cleaning process – Wondering how the clothing is washed? Bundlee’s eco-cleaning facility uses green cleaning methods including Ozone sanitisation, to make sure clothes are clean as can be whilst being gentle on the planet. You can read about this process here.

Overall, Bundlee’s rental model saves 86% carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and 96% of water usage compared to buying new.  

Renting their wardrobe saves you space

Baby clothes pile up super easily. Whether its clothing gifts, or outgrown pieces, they use up precious space in your home. That’s why one of the main reasons many parents are renting their baby’s clothes is because of the ability to simply swap out clothes that no longer fit for the next size up whenever they need to. So you can have peace of mind, and more room for stylish new clothes. Win, win!

Renting saves you money

 As touched on, baby clothing is expensive. By renting, you can access brands they otherwise may avoid spending on, as you won’t need to buy new when they’re outgrown.

 All you need to do is pop your Bundlee clothes back in the post when your baby is ready for the next size, and receive a brand new set of 15 pieces. That’s why parents save over £300 per bundlee they rent!

How does renting baby clothes with Bundlee work?

Bundlee keeps pace with growing babies, and helps parents conveniently save time, space and money. But, how does it work?

1. Pick your clothing plan

If you’re new to baby clothing rental or considering changing the service you’re currently using, you should consider the subscription plan that’ll be most beneficial for you and your baby. You can choose from two different plans with Bundlee: 

The Capsule Plan

For £24 per month, a Capsule bundlee includes 15 curated essentials from the Bundlee Originals collection, chosen by their experts to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for your baby.

The Personalised Plan 

For £39 per month, the Bundlee Personalised plan offers a little more freedom for parents to choose their own 15 premium pieces from sustainable brands loved by many.

2. Select your delivery date

You can choose a delivery date that works for you, and can even preorder up to 6 months in advance with the Capsule plan or 1 month in advance with the Personalised plan. Which is great for when you’re nesting 

3. Let the magic happen!

Bundlee’s experts will handpick your pieces for your new bundlee. And then all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your sustainable baby clothes to arrive on your door step. Oh AND your delivery is completely free!

Get started

Baby clothing rental is a great option for parents, and it’s no wonder so many of you are now choosing to join the rental revolution for your little ones. Now you know how renting baby clothes works, what are you waiting for? Head over to Bundlee’s Plan Picker page to start your rental journey!

Visit Little Dreams Bath and Swindon instagram post to find out the Bundlee offers available to you now.

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