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4-12 months

Tuesday 26th March 20234

1pm £15

12 months – 2.5 year olds

Wednesday 27th March 2024

7:30pm £15

Online seminars give you the information you need to feel confident to support your little one to sleep independently.

They give you information alongside evidence based practical techniques to use if you are finding their sleep unsustainable.

The seminars last between 90-120 minutes.

You can expect to learn about:

🌟 The importance of sleep.

🌟 Active steps to take if your little one is struggling to take naps and is waking frequently in the night.

🌟 How much sleep should you, and your child be getting.

🌟 How you can structure your child’s sleep and how to transition naps and adapt their sleep as they get older.

🌟 Top tips for getting your child to get better quality, longer and more restful sleep.

🌟 How to implement a great routine.

Attending a Sleep Seminar

Online Sleep Seminar

The seminars are delivered via a video call (no pressure to have your video on and babies are welcome). The groups are kept small to accommodate your questions, share experiences if you would like and have a bespoke Q&A session.

The seminars are a great way to learn about the nuances of infant and child sleep as well as learning steps to take if you are wanting to make changes to their sleep.

Sleep seminars occur throughout the year.


The next online sleep seminars take place on:

26th March 2024 at 1pm (aimed at 4m-12month year olds)

If you would like some advice or would like me to work with you to improve sleep please get in touch. You can also book a free, no obligation call and we can talk about working together to get you a better night’s sleep.