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Bath Baby Sleep Seminar 29/05/22 (4-12 month olds): Do you need more sleep?

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Come along to the beautiful Fox and Kit in the heart of Bath for sleep advice for your 4-12 month old and learn how to help them get better quality sleep. The event will take place on Sunday 29th May 2022 between 10am-12pm and there will be a free hot drink for you too.

About this event:

The seminar will include tips on how to guide your child toward better quality sleep with NO ‘crying it out’ and no need to stop breastfeeding in the night.

You will learn: 

· The importance of sleep. 

· How much sleep your child needs. 

· Top tips for helping your child get better quality, longer and more restful sleep. 

· How to get your little one settling and sleeping well.

There will also be a Q&A session at the end to answer any specific questions for you.

The seminar will cost £15 per couple and includes a free hot drink and sleep reference guides. Feel free to bring your baby with you, there will be a selection of toys for little ones to play with whilst we chat.

Spaces for the event are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Anyone who attends the seminar will get 10% off any sleep package until August 2022.

If you would like a 1-1 sleep package visit my services page or book a 15 minute chat to discuss your little ones sleep needs. You can also find me on social media at @littledreamsbathandswindon

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